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Dennis Erickson talks job security, desire to keep coaching

To say Dennis Erickson’s seat is getting warm would be an

Thought to be in line for a contract extension only a few
weeks ago, the only line many want to see him in is the
one with an “unemployment” sign hanging above.

Tuesday Arizona Sports 620’s John Gambadoro, who wrote that it’s time for a change at ASU,
asked the coach about his job security on Burns and Gambo.

“I had even said that if Arizona State loses this game
I’ll pack Dennis Erickson’s bags for him,” Gambadoro said.
“I’d have to think, at this point, that your job is in
jeopardy after these back-to-back losses.

“Your thoughts on that.”

Erickson, who has compiled a 31-28 record at ASU, didn’t
shy away from the question.

“I don’t know, I mean, Lisa [Love] and I will talk at the
end of the season, when it’s all over with,” the coach
said. “You know, visit and talk about where we’re at and
so forth.