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Erickson may not be the only thing out at ASU

It sounds like there’s going to be more than one head rolling at Arizona State on Monday.

The Associated Press reported Sunday, that head coach Dennis Erickson will be removed from the program and rightfully so, considering his football team blew numerous chances to take control of the Pac-12 South and dropped four games in a row.

However, Calvisi later tweeted that ASU should not hold back the news about Erickson’s expected dismissal nor the calling for a press conference because there could be much bigger news coming out of ASU:

A shakeup of the entire ASU Athletics department.

It may seem rash but, considering how far ASU football was expected to go this year, it doesn’t surprise. The program is now looking at going to a low-level bowl that won’t bring in a lot of money or encourage fans to pack up their bags to see their team.

Love has come under harsh criticism at times this season, thanks to her continuous support of Erickson and her handling of numerous other things, including a baseball program that was forced to vacate wins and violated numerous NCAA rules.

While all of this is yet to be confirmed or announced, it seems like a shakeup at ASU is not only inevitable, but is going to be much larger than originally thought.