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Arizona State is 2-0, and that’s what matters — for now

What’s that old Bill Parcells quote? You are what your record says you are?

The Sun Devils are 2-0. End. Of. Story.

It seems as if half of college football wants Todd Graham and ASU to apologize for the way they won on Saturday night. As if it was some kind of a fender bender in the mall parking lot. Others would like the program to say thanks for the present; with as hot as it was at Sun Devil Stadium that night, who knew it was Christmas in Tempe?

In watching, and re-watching, that game – as crazy as this may sound with all the stupid mistakes ASU made that night – I did think they were the better team. Or at least, the team with the better players. Those players and their coach nearly squandered it away in a flurry of mistakes that were conveniently glossed over by the national attention devoted to that ghost of a kneel and the subsequent botch job by the referee crew.

So rather than apologize or say thanks, the hope here is that Graham and company get to work by tightening some very loose screws. Dropped passes. High flying snaps and the punters who are brain locked by them. Baffling play calling. A prevent defense that offers more space than the parking lot your kid learned to drive in.

Those are the kind of mistakes that, if unaddressed, can derail a hopeful season.

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