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Rawle Alkins dunks over his coach Sean Miller in Red-Blue game dunk contest

If you’re looking for a sign that a coach trusts their player, look no further than Arizona basketball head coach Sean Miller allowing freshman wing Rawle Alkins to dunk over him during the dunk contest prior to the Red-Blue game.

Alkins spent roughly two minutes positioning Miller and making sure he was in the exact spot necessary. Miller kept moving the ball a little bit away from where Alkins wanted him to hold it, prompting Alkins to repeatedly make sure it was in that spot. At one point, Miller jokingly walked away. He stayed strong, though, and the execution by Alkins was flawless.

Alkins got all 10s from the judges for his dunk and won the contest, making a good first impression on the fans at the McKale Center in Tucson.

Not to be outdone, freshman big man Lauri Markkanen looked smooth for being nearly a seven-footer.

The Red-Blue game marks the start of the season for Arizona basketball. The Wildcats begin play in the regular season against Michigan State on Nov. 11.

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