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  • Wilks and Rosen clash … over who has the best holiday decorations

    Arizona Cardinals coach Steve Wilks and QB Josh Rosen might not agree on which position group has the best holiday decorations.
  • Deandre Ayton fan asks for a second chance on Instagram

    We all knew Suns big man Deandre Ayton was good at blocking shots on the court, who knew the skill translated to the internet.
  • Dolphins take down the Patriots on last-second hook and ladder

    The band wasn't on the field, but the Miami Dolphins pulled a Stanford-Cal-like miracle on the final play of the game against the New England Patriots.
  • I choose you! ASU WR N’Keal Harry appears in ‘Curtain of Distraction’

    ASU WR N'Keal Harry may not be suiting up for the Las Vegas Bowl, but that doesn't mean he's done helping out the school's other sports.
  • Charles Barkley calls Phoenix Suns’ slow starts ‘ridiculous’

    The Phoenix Suns have scored only nine points in each of the team's last two first quarters and Charles Barkley is not impressed.
  • Internet mocks Kawhi Leonard over New Balance shoe deal

    Kawhi Leonard did the most Kawhi Leonard thing ever: signed an endorsement deal with New Balance.
  • Seahawks recreate iconic Allen Iverson moment with celebration

    The Seattle Seahawks have been champions of the touchdown celebration all season and it continued Sunday against the Carolina Panthers.
  • Chicago Bears’ defense celebrates interception with impressive dance

    If there's one thing Chicago Bears fans can be thankful for on Thanksgiving, it's their defense. And their celebrations.
  • Rosen: Leftwich knows Kirk’s going to be good by the size of his cranium

    Offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich knows Christian Kirk is going to be a good wide receiver for the Arizona Cardinals, Why? The size of WR's head.
  • Josh Rosen explains a naughty rule to follow when making reads

    At UCLA, Cardinals quarterback Josh Rosen learned the ‘MFer rule.’ "If there are a lot of MFers over there, go that (other) way.”
  • The Pat Mahomes Challenge is bad for the world

    Let's stop with the #PatMahomesChallenge, which is a social media stunt forcing people to put ketchup on previously-delicious dishes, ruining them forever.
  • J.R. Smith stars in hilarious Foot Locker ad campaign

    Guard J.R. Smith channeled his inner salesman in a Foot Locker ad for its annual "Week of Greatness" campaign which provides  the latest and hottest sneaker releases and gear for a full week from Foot Locker’s top brands.
  • Charles Barkley knew Suns would blow lead vs. Celtics, so he took a pic

    Charles Barkley knew the Phoenix Suns' lead -- a rarity -- wouldn't last over the Boston Celtics. So he pulled out his phone to take a picture.
  • Seattle Seahawks pull off synchronized touchdown dance

    The Seattle Seahawks added to their creative list of touchdown dances on Sunday against the Los Angeles Chargers.
  • Jeopardy! contestants draw blanks when it comes to hockey in Arizona

    Well, it ain't Bagdad, Arizona.
  • Suns rookies name ‘scariest’ players to go up against

    In honor of Halloween, rookies around the league including Deandre Ayton, Mikal Bridges named players from the past who would be scariest to play against.
  • Seahawks get creative with baseball themed touchdown celebration

    The Seattle Seahawks are having their way with the Detroit Lions on Sunday, especially when it comes to touchdowns celebrations.
  • Fergie national anthem remix taking NBA by storm

    While Fergie's version of the national anthem received some pretty hilarious responses and was even dubbed as one of the worst national anthems in history, the NBA is embracing the rendition in a whole new way.
  • Suns’ Josh Jackson says he threw a water bottle at ‘Malice at the Palace’

    A young Josh Jackson said he was in the stands at the Malice at the Palace game between the Pistons and Pacers in 2004. He also threw a water bottle during the mayhem.
  • Shawn Marion is too big for a Hobbit hole

    Shawn Marion, huge fan of The Lord of the Rings, checked out the Hobbit holes of The Shire in Middle Earth (a.k.a. New Zealand).