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  • Texas’ Thompson could be fit for Suns

    With the NBA draft fast approaching names are starting to emerge that the Phoenix Suns may have interest in. Guys like Jeremy Hazell, Klay Thompson and Jordan Hamilton have all been mentioned and will be in town Friday for Workouts. One name not included in that list that fans should keep an eye on is […]
  • NBA Draft Profile: Klay Thompson

    Klay Thompson is a prospect most Suns fans should recognize. For the past three years this elite shooting guard has been lighting up the Pac-10 with Washington State. As a scorer from the shooting guard position Thompson has it all. His shooting range extends to the NBA three and beyond. It is a shot that […]
  • NBA Draft Profile: Jordan Hamilton

    Jordan Hamilton is a 6-8 sophomore wing from Texas who can play both the shooting guard and small forward positions. Hamilton is a five-tool basketball player (to steal a baseball reference), he can shoot, create, rebound, defend and play multiple positions. On the basketball court he is a perfect basketball player who can do anything […]
  • NBA Draft Profile: Jeremy Hazell

    Jeremy Hazell is a 6-5 senior shooting guard out of Seton Hall. He is a little older (25) than most of the current draft class, when drafted on potential it is rare teams take prospects in their mid-twenties. The NBA is a scorer’s league and the one thing Hazell displayed with consistency during his tenure […]
  • Robin Lopez regressed in ’10-’11 (VIDEO)

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  • Suns first workout group holds few options

    PHOENIX – The Phoenix Suns will bring in their first group of players for workouts on June 10th as they try to find a steal at their 13th spot in the NBA Draft. Jordan Hamilton of Texas, Klay Thompson of Washington St. and Jeremy Hazell of Seton Hall will all put their skills on display […]
  • Jimmer Fredette fits the Suns system

    They say that New York is the epicenter of the world so it comes as no surprise that a New York Knicks beat writer would have the lowdown on Jimmer Fredette. New York Newsday’s Alan Hahn, as a guest with Sports 620 KTAR’s Gambo and Ash, said a certain former Suns coach is infatuated with […]
  • Is Jimmer Fredette worth the trouble?

    The Jimmer Fredette tour has begun rolling into NBA cities around the country this week for pre-draft workouts and with it comes all the hype and excitement of a three ring circus or better yet, a reality television show. Jimmer may have the most pizazz and press clippings of any NBA draft prospect but is […]
  • Steve Nash reunites with Dirk Nowitzki

    It was no secret Phoenix Suns point guard Steve Nash was in attendance at last night’s NBA Finals game in Miami (it’s hard to keep it a secret when ABC broadcasted a shot of he and his new girlfriend, Brittany Richardson, in the stands to the entire world). What we didn’t know was that Nash […]
  • Fire where there’s smoke? Suns linked to No. 2 pick

    Reports are starting to surface of the Minnesota Timberwolves’ desire to trade the second overall pick in the draft. With the draft still a few weeks away speculation will range as to who is interested, but one team that keeps popping up is the Phoenix Suns. According to ESPN’s Chad Ford, Phoenix is one of […]
  • Steve Nash watches NBA Finals from stands, ‘strange experience’

    You think Steve Nash wishes he was playing basketball right now? The Suns point guard (for now), Nash spent his Thursday evening watching good buddy Dirk Nowitzki and the Dallas Mavericks battle the Heat in Game 2 of the NBA Finals. Being at my 1st NBA game since college was a strange experience. Great game […]
  • Flynn is worth the Suns’ No. 13 pick

    With the news that Ricky Rubio will be trading in the sun and fun of Spain for the cold and well, less fun of Minneapolis and joining the Timberwolves this fall, Minnesota now has a logjam at the point guard position. Rumors emerged Thursday morning that more than a few teams are willing to help […]
  • Suns active in trying to trade up for UA’s Williams

    The Phoenix Suns need a dynamic forward to replace Amare Stoudemire, and they may be able to find one in the 2011 NBA Draft. Just not at pick #13. Sources say Washington & Phoenix have been the most active teams trying to trade up for Derrick Williams. T’Wolves want a “veteran big man.”less than a […]
  • Timberwolves want Nash to mentor Rubio

    It’s open season. Not for hunting, rather for Steve Nash trade rumors. While many are playing connect the dots and suggesting if Bryan Colangelo pries — or rather simply is handed — Mike D’Antoni from the Knicks and brings him to Toronto that his former point guard may not be far behind. On the surface […]
  • Suns interested in Jimmer. He’s interested in Suns.

    Depending on which reports or rumors you believe the Phoenix Suns are either very interested in Jimmer Fredette or hesitant because of his reported defensive shortcomings. Today we got definitive word — well, at least as definitive a word as we can before the draft — that they have interest in the BYU standout. On […]
  • If D’Antoni and Colangelo reunite in Toronto, could Nash be next?

    Steve Nash will be the subject of trade rumors until he either leaves the Suns or retires from the NBA. Possible destinations have included New York and Toronto, because of the point guard’s ties to the Knicks’ head coach and the country of Canada. What if, however, the two joined forces? With the Raptors seeking […]
  • Suns possible destination for PG Flynn

    A new point guard, and heir apparent to Steve Nash, could be coming to Phoenix sometime between now and the June 23 NBA Draft. After being drafted two years ago, Spanish guard Ricky Rubio will finally join the Minnesota Timberwolves next season, meaning they need to clear a roster spot for the young phenom. To […]
  • Suns linked to Fredette, Thompson

    The NBA draft is just three weeks away and the first few picks are beginning to take shape. However, the Phoenix Suns, who have the thirteenth overall pick, have been very secretive in their draft process and have other teams and fans guessing as to what the Suns will do with their lone draft pick. […]
  • Don’t teach the Suns how to ‘Jimmer’ just yet

    You may not need to get someone to teach you how to Jimmer anytime soon to be cool in Phoenix. That’s because the Suns interest in the BYU guard may not be as large as it was once believed to be. ESPN’s Chad Ford, who was the main perpetrator of Fredette to Phoenix rumors, has […]
  • Nash on gay NBA players: ‘It won’t be the O.J. Simpson trial’

    Steve Nash doesn’t think that openly gay players in the NBA would be a problem. In fact, he seems rather dismissive of the whole issue. “I think it will be something that won’t take on this life of its own. It won’t be the O. J. trial,” Nash said. In an interview with The New […]

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