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Being Pro Bowlers never gets old for Fitzgerald, Wilson

You’d think going to Hawaii would never get old.

Though Larry Fitzgerald and Adrian Wilson are becoming
regulars at the NFL’s All-Star game on the island, you
won’t find anyone who feels bad for them.

Fitz made the NFC roster for the sixth time in his career
Monday, while A-Dub was selected for the fifth time. They
will start, while teammate Patrick Peterson will join them
at the game as a kick returner.

“We’re honored to have three guys from our team that were
named to the Pro Bowl,” Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt
said. “Especially since Larry and Adrian were both named

Whisenhunt said it recognizes what his players bring to
the team, a squad that has rebounded from a horrid start
to finish the year strong.

“Obviously we fell short of our team goal of making the
playoffs, but it’s nice to see some guys be rewarded for
the individual efforts,” he said.

All three Cardinals deserve the honor, as Fitzgerald has
posted a monster season with more than 1,200 yards and
eight touchdowns while catching passes from shaky QBs,
Wilson has played through injuries in what has been a
bounce-back campaign and Peterson, the rookie, has been
dominant as a punt returner.

“The thing that makes you happy is seeing Adrian go, and
Patrick go and Darnell be an alternate,” Fitzgerald said.
“Guys on our team being recognized for the things they’ve
done well this year.”

And sure, a case could be made for both Darnell Dockett
and Calais Campbell, but the Cardinals are a far cry from
the team that would send one player each year – punter
Scott Player – and that just further proves that these are
not your father’s Cardinals, because they actually have
talent on the roster.

Of course, Wilson has been an elite safety the last few

“I may not have had the big impact plays as I’ve had in
previous years,” Wilson said, “but to consistently go out
there and do it, I think that’s what sets you apart from
other guys.

“Other guys may have one good year, but you have to
consistently do it year in, year out, and that, to me, I
think that’s what makes you a Pro Bowl player.”

So does simply making plays, which is how Peterson got the
nod this year. Drafted as a cornerback and returner, his
four punt return touchdowns have been huge for the team
and brought plenty of attention to his game. But, Peterson
said he didn’t really think of making the game until

“It was off my mind, pretty much, throughout the whole
year until the back half of the season,” he said.