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‘The Professor’ educates Cards fans on Kolb

Over the last few weeks it seems like there have been a million Kevin Kolb rumors involving the Arizona Cardinals (alright, maybe not a million, but a lot). Most of them provided little to no new information and even less reasoning on why the move would work.

On Wednesday ‘The Professor’, ESPN NFL analyst John Clayton, provided an entire thousand word lesson on why Kolb to Arizona is the right fit. The main reason being, he’s better than anything they had last year.

The Cardinals play in the highly suspect NFC West. Plugging in Kolb and his 60 percent accuracy should put the Cardinals — at the very worst — in the middle of the league for quarterback play.

Clayton may be all for the Cardinals acquiring the young Eagles quarterback, but he does caution fans that history has taught us it doesn’t always work out the way people think it will.

History shows, though, a Kolb trade would be a short-term success. The debate is more the degree of the success. In the past four seasons, teams have traded for quarterbacks with moderate success.

While he doesn’t give any definitive answer on whether or not Kolb will be under center for the Cardinals when the season begins, Clayton provides one of the more well thought out synopses of why such a move would work out.

What it still all comes down to is cost.

Clayton says a first round pick or two second rounders is what it’s going to take to get a deal done. The question is, how much is too much to give up for the Cardinals to acquire Kolb?

That’s one question Clayton and every other analyst can’t answer. We’ll have to wait for the lockout to end in order to find out.

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