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Josh Norman fires back at Patrick Peterson for Twitter ‘trolling’

Patrick Peterson and Josh Norman are feuding, it would appear.

It began with a video and was sparked by a tweet.

Cardinals cornerback Patrick Peterson appears to have upset Redskins cornerback Josh Norman, making a Dec. 4 matchup between their teams already intriguing more than a month before the regular season kicks off.

On Friday, a video of Norman covering Washington teammate DeSean Jackson in practice caught Peterson’s eye, and the Cardinal responded to the clip with a tweet: “but he’s the highest rating lol madden is a joke.”

Norman shot back with an emoji-heavy tweet, complete with a Kermit the Frog meme that pointed out Peterson is ranked as the fourth-best cornerback in Madden ’17.

Then on Thursday to ESPN, Norman went in on what he felt was a dig by Peterson.

“That guy? Come on, man,” Norman said to ESPN. “Be No. 4 and be happy. Come on, don’t talk about me, I’m not talking about you. I mean, I’ll still continue to work and try to be better than No. 1. Where that is, I don’t know, but I’m working toward that. Obviously he’s somewhere trolling other people. He should be worried about what he’s doing on the field and if he gets beat up this year. He shouldn’t be trolling me.”

Jackson also took offense to Peterson’s tweet.

The Cardinals’ cornerback attempted to diffuse the situation.

This friction will surely be rehashed Dec. 4 when the Redskins visit Arizona for a showdown at University of Phoenix Stadium.

“It’s like, why are you trolling people?” Norman added. “You should be worried about practicing and don’t worry about talking about other players. Some people want the spotlight and some don’t. Some people really want to get to where we’re at and it’s sad… Dude, you’re a first-round pick, why are you worried about me?

“We get to play them guys and when the time comes we’ll see what DeSean do to him in a regular season game because he already did it.”

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