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Adidas releases Donovan Mitchell’s signature, Marvel-inspired shoes

Donavan Mitchell’s “Spida” nickname is earning him all sorts of off-the-court opportunities.

Mitchell recently appeared in an ad for the new Spider-Man: Far From Home movie with actor Tom Holland, which features Mitchell stealing Holland’s suit.

The shoes left in the briefcase for Holland aren’t just any though. Shortly after the commercial’s release, Adidas announced that Mitchell will have his first signature shoe released via the company July 1, called the D.O.N. Issue #1.

And yeah, they’re even available in Spider-Man colors, which is part of a collaboration with the Marvel brand.

Each colorway of the shoe represents a Marvel super-hero. Options include the classic red, white and blue scheme, a Symbiote scheme, a Stealth scheme and an Iron Spider scheme.

The D.O.N. name refers to Determination Over Negativity, per Adidas, a motto that Mitchell lives his life by.

The shoes are available at a price of $100 starting at the beginning of the month, a modest price compared to other athletes’ signature shoes.