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  • Burns: A tiger of similar stripes

    Call me a cynic. Maybe I’ve been covering professional athletes too long. But there is not one shred of me that is surprised about Tiger Woods. The voicemails, the cover stories, the photos, the sheer volume of women that are now being linked to the world’s number one golfer. I don’t care how perfect the […]
  • Green: A UofA fan’s take on the Territorial Cup

    I caught a break Saturday. Arizona State University did not. As we prepare for the 83rd edition of the Territorial Cup, I have to admit that I was dangerously close to not being able to make it to the game this year. You see, my parents celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary this year and are […]
  • Burns: The Cardinals make me giddy

    At times it was sleepy. At times it was undisciplined. At times it was alarming. And in the end it felt more like relief than a victory. But the one thing, the main thing, I take away from the Cardinals 31-20 win over the Seahawks on Sunday is a sense of…….giddiness. Kind of like that […]
  • Green: Gentry a perfect fit

    Alvin Gentry is not only the right coach for the 2009 Phoenix Suns, but he’s the best coach this team has had in quite a while. Though at first it seemed the team kept him on as head coach more out of convenience than actual merit, it is clear to me that the team could […]
  • Burns: Predictably unpredictable

    The Arizona Cardinals unpredictability have become….so predictable. In a season filled with plot twists, what’s one more? The unexpected is to be expected after watching the Cardinals demolish the Bears 41-21. 4-0 on the road, 1-3 at home. Five picks last week for Kurt Warner, five touchdown passes this week. Shock the world by beating […]
  • Burns: You get what you pay for

    The Yankees were the best team in baseball this year. Well….you know what they say. You get what you pay for. Call it like it is, the Yankees paid for a World Series by shelling out a half billion dollars in the offseason. What’s funny, in a your-car-is-stuck-in-the-mud kind of way is that ever since […]
  • Burns: You just can’t trust the Cardinals

    One of my favorite lines from one of my favorite movies: “It seems to me that if there was any logic to our language, trust would be a four letter word.” Uttered by Tom Cruise’s character Joel in “Risky Business”, that quote is right up there with the more famous line in the movie (“Sometimes, […]
  • Green: Intriguing Suns

    The Suns opened their 2009-10 campaign this week and I can honestly say that I am excited to see how this season plays out. No, I don’t see this team winning a championship this season. To be honest, I can’t even say I see them winning 50+ games. What I do see, however, is a […]
  • Green: Boldin’s fading star

    Just days before the Cardinals are set to take on the New York Giants, receiver Anquan Boldin’s status to play is in doubt. He has a sprained ankle that may prevent him from playing in one of the Cards’ biggest games of the season. Normally, if Boldin was hurt and not playing I would be […]
  • Green: DRC, have all the fun you want

    “It’s all fun. You gotta have fun…I probably overdid it a little bit, but I didn’t mean anything by it – just fun.” There Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie was Sunday, less than an hour after his interception won the game for the Cardinals (and maybe saved their season), apologizing. How does that happen? Here’s the rundown, for […]
  • Green: Dennis Erickson’s mistake

    There has been a lot of talk lately about Arizona State’s quarterback situation. The incumbent, Danny Sullivan, has struggled, and there has been a growing cry for true freshman Brock Osweiler to take over. In a previous blog I wrote how going with Osweiler would be a mistake for Dennis Erickson, and my opinion has […]
  • Burns: What will the D-backs do with Webb?

    It is the biggest decision this organization has ever been faced with. Careers may be defined by it. Fans may be won or lost because of it. What are the Arizona Diamondbacks going to do about Brandon Webb? They have until five days after the completion of the World Series. Either they pick up the […]
  • Green: D-backs should bring Webb back

    There has been quite a bit of talk lately about what the Diamondbacks are going to do with Brandon Webb this off-season. Webb, out with a shoulder injury since a poor Opening Day start where he pitched just four innings and allowed six runs, will be a free agent if the Diamondbacks decline his $8.5 […]
  • Burns: Everybody knows that sex sells

    Everybody knows that sex sells. And everybody knows that the Cardinals “sex appeal” is on the offensive side of the ball. All the attention, all the focus, all the love and all the question marks go to the offense. Warner’s hip…..Warner’s age….Warner’s arm…..Fitz’s brother…..Fitz’s touches…..Whisenhunt’s play calling….no Haley….Beanie’s injury….Beanie’s fumbles…starting running back….Boldin’s health….Boldin’s contract…..Boldin’s attitude….Leinart […]
  • Green: Kurt Warner saved this blog

    I was going to write about the Cardinals and Kurt Warner. However, the blog was going to go one of two ways, and it all depended on how Warner and the team fared Sunday in Jacksonville. If the offense continued to struggle with Kurt leading the way, this blog would have been about how Old […]
  • Burns: A one-time mistake

    Upton isn't the first to make this mistake and he won't be the last.
  • Green: A UofA fan’s take on ASU

    OK, first off, let me just admit that I am fairly biased when I judge anything ASU. As a University of Arizona graduate, the mere thought of Maroon and Gold makes me want to, well, throw up. Of course, living in Phoenix and working for KTAR, the flagship station of the Sun Devils, means at […]
  • Burns: The Cardinals found a way

    The Arizona Cardinals found a way to do it. They kept seven wide receivers after slashing the roster to 53 Friday. Lance Long made it as did Sean Morey and Early Doucet. And what blows me away is that they didn’t have to do anything too radical to get it done (remember, earlier I advocated […]
  • Burns: This won’t happen but it makes sense

    File this under the heading of Will-Never-Happen-But-I-Like-It-Anyways. Cut Brian St. Pierre. The final decisions in the fight for 53 will be made any moment now. Tough decisions loom. Guys who are good football players are going to get called into Coach Ken Whisenhunt’s office, playbook in one hand, cellphone (with his agent on speed dial) […]
  • Green: Worried about Kurt Warner

    OK, I’ll admit it. I’m worried about Kurt Warner. “Old Gray Beard” has had a rough go of it in the preseason, along with the team in general. In three games the 38-year-old Warner has thrown for all of 0 touchdowns and two interceptions. He’s thrown for 272 yards, but he’s also put the ball […]