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  • Kyler Murray got caught sneaking out playing baseball in new Nissan ad

    All the former Heisman Trophy winners weren't having it when Kyler Murray snuck out of the house to play baseball in a new Nissan commercial.
  • Kyle Allen’s start for Cam Newton reminds of 2012 NFL ad

    Kyle Allen's start for the Panthers reminded NFL Twitter of a 2012 NFL 'PLAY 60' ad of a little boy threatening to take Cam Newton's job in Carolina.
  • ‘Golly’: Ron Rivera leaves presser when pressed on Cam Newton’s health

    'Golly,' said Panthers head coach Ron Rivera after taking too many questions about Cam Newton and then walking out of a press conference.
  • Mike Leach is curious about potential mythical powers of Sun Devils

    Have you ever thought about a potential battle including all the mascots in the Pac-12? Well, now you have something in common with Mike Leach.
  • Clinton Portis ran for 228 yards on Cardinals in 2002 while hungover

    Former running back Clinton Portis had the best game of his NFL career against the Cardinals in 2002, rushing for 228 yards, all while he was hungover.
  • Guy Fieri supports ASU baseball slugger Spencer Torkelson

    Guy Fieri tweeted out his support for ASU baseball infielder Spencer Torkelson on Tuesday, calling him his "buddy" and telling fans to keep an eye out.
  • Hey look, a QB not on the Cardinals got a false start clapping penalty

    The Arizona Cardinals were in the center of a preseason clapping false start controversy and we now have finally seen another team get called for it.
  • New Cardinals QB Sloter brings passionate fanbase with him

    Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyle Sloter will have his fair share of fans supporting him and keeping an eye on his status in the Valley.
  • Bill Simmons is mad at Devin Booker as Team USA almost loses to Turkey

    Bill Simmons shamed Devin Booker for not playing as Team USA nearly lost to Turkey. Then the Boston Celtics fan watched as Jayson Tatum injured his ankle.
  • Miami brings the bling for new college football season

    This marks the third season of the turnover chains for Miami, but they added a new piece for the offense to wear when they score.
  • Devin Booker is tired of getting double-teamed and it upsets people

    Phoenix Suns shooting guard Devin Booker just wants to play basketball without getting double-teamed and that is bothering people.
  • Phil Mickelson narrowly makes tee time after hotel fire

    Phil Mickelson didn't have a fire performance on the golf course this weekend, but a hotel fire narrowly prevented him from making his tee time.
  • Bill Walton already in mid-season form on White Sox broadcast

    The Chicago White Sox added Bill Walton to their broadcast booth Friday night, and he brought his usual flare in broadcast fashion.
  • Antonio Brown won’t wear helmet at work because his helmet doesn’t work

    Antonio Brown is becoming a big problem for the Oakland Raiders, literally from head to toe. He won't play if forced to wear a new style of helmet.
  • Michigan State’s new uniforms have people washing their eyes out

    Michigan State's new alternate uniform for the 2019 college football season has people on Twitter talking about the new design.
  • Cardinals coach Kingsbury wants his Madden ‘looks rating’ improved

    Arizona Cardinals coach Kliff Kingsbury doesn't play Madden, but he's not pleased with his 'Walking Dead' appearance. He wants it fixed.
  • Cardinals’ sideline fruit cart steals the show at training camp

    Everyone knew there'd be something new and exciting at Cardinals training camp. Little did we knew it'd be the fruit cart.
  • Watch N’Keal Harry find out in real time Pats vets are ready to cut his hair

    N"Keal Harry thought Tom Brady was joking when he said he was going to get Harry's hair chopped off. Turns out the rookie has a lot to learn.
  • ‘Age Challenge’ shows what Father Time has in store for sports world

    FaceApp's "age" filter has taken the world by storm, showing what some of the world's best athletes might look like in their old age.
  • Jared Dudley’s request for a Lakers jersey edit goes very wrong

    Jared Dudley is struggling to find a jersey number and struggled to get a sick PhotoShop edit of him wearing a Los Angeles Lakers jersey.