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  • Chandler Jones supports champion brother Jon Jones at UFC 239

    Chandler Jones was a ringside presence for his older brother, Jon Jones who retained his title belt by beating Thiago Santos in a split decision.
  • England probably won’t like Alex Morgan’s tea-sipping gesture

    Alex Morgan is sipping tea out here at the FIFA Women's World Cup after scoring a goal during USA's match against England.
  • Kelly Oubre Jr.’s Instagram is freaking out some Suns fans

    Phoenix Suns fans are paying great attention to Kelly Oubre Jr.'s social media feeds as his free agency status lingers into the third day.
  • C is for Cubs: Cookie Monster does 7th inning stretch at Wrigley

    C is for cookies and the Cubs, according to well-known Sesame Street star at Thursday's Chicago Cubs game at Wrigley Field.
  • Oh say can you stand? Robbie Ray outlasts Dyson in anthem standoff

    Diamondbacks pitcher Robbie Ray went toe-to-toe with Giants pitcher Sam Dyson in a post-national anthem standoff to start the game on Sunday.
  • Athletes post cryptic (and non-cryptic) tweets about Booker/Russell pairing

    Does Michael Thomas know something we don't about a potential pairing up Devin Booker and D'Angelo Russell?
  • D-backs’ Zack Greinke: No-hitter would probably be a ‘hassle’

    D-backs ace Zack Greinke wasn't too interested in the fanfare that comes with throwing a no-hitter, which he nearly did on Thursday.
  • This ump appears upset at a baseball man for celebrating his big HR

    Mississippi State's Elijah MacNamee rightfully celebrated hitting a huge home run and it appeared to get under the skin of one umpire.
  • St. Louis newspaper potentially curses Blues ahead of Stanley Cup clincher

    The St. Louis Dispatch sent the sneak peek to some of its readers ahead of Sunday's Game 6, the first chance the Blues have to win their first title.
  • Cardinals’ David Johnson ‘honors’ Carson Palmer with self-made hat

    Carson Palmer once dressed as a unicorn, and now that he'll be inducted into the Cardinals' Ring of Honor, David Johnson isn't letting him forget it.
  • Fake Twitter account sends random family into D-backs’ broadcast booth

    A fake Steve Berthiaume Twitter account sends a random family to the Arizona Diamondbacks' booth causing an awkward couple of minutes on TV.
  • Feel old: Ja Morant doesn’t know what your ‘DVD tapes’ are

    Please watch Ja Morant fumble his way through naming a throwback items that you, like as probably an older person, once used in your day-to-day life.
  • Riderless horse Bodexpress quickly became the Preakness MVP

    It's not often in a major horse race that the winning horse isn't the talk of the day, but that just so happened to be the situation on Saturday.
  • Rookie photo highlights Cardinals new WR’s height difference

    Hakeem Butler looks like two Andy Isbellas at the NFLPA Rookie Premiere class photo as the new Arizona Cardinals receivers acclimate to the NFL.
  • Zion National Park is riding the Zion wave

    Zion Williamson and Zion National Park crossover is here.
  • The many funny things about Mike Bercovici’s parking ticket

    It didn't take long for the Sun Devils quarterback and all-around well-liked dude Mike Bercovici to receive a rude welcome back to his alma mater.
  • Suns fan takes opportunity to dunk on Lakers fans during ‘protest’

    The Los Angeles Lakers are a mess and one Suns fans took advantage of an opportunity to sit back and watch it all unfold.
  • Browns’ John Dorsey apparently likes to prank fellow GMs during NFL Draft

    Browns GM John Dorsey was caught on camera calling the Cardinals' Steve Keim and the Colts' Chris Ballard during the NFL Draft for absolutely no reason.
  • D-backs’ pitcher Archie Bradley awaits invite to royal baby Archie’s birthday

    With a name like Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor, D-backs pitcher Archie Bradley knows the royal baby is destined for great things and a great beard.
  • Analyst Jay Williams is all of us as he walks off the ‘First Take’ set

    Is Kawhi Leonard better than Kobe Bryant? Nevermind that. Watch Jay Williams get so annoyed with that opinion he walks off the ESPN First Take set.